Kenneth Lee: Illustrator who has Autism wants to become a comic artist

Mr Lee, 25, who has mild autism spectrum disorder, said: “It’s how I develop my characters… I like the details, the complex stuff and things that are very unique, which inspire me to draw.”

The landscapes, buildings, sceneries, and objects with fantasy and sci-fi elements that he produces are normally based on what he picks up from watching TV or through the Internet, he added.

Mr Lee is one of the 20 beneficiaries of the TODAY Enable Fund. He received S$3,000, which will be used to help him publish a short comic book.

He has yet to decide on the storyline and characters, but wants his characters to be a mix of Japanese and American comic characters.

Mr Lee’s dream is to eventually be a “top comic artist”, and his mother is on the lookout for the right opportunities to get him the training he needs.


We Didn't Expect That! VOICES Art Exhibition 2017

Each year, VSA organises an art exhibition to showcase artworks by young artists with special needs from the VOICES (Voices Of Individual’s Creative Expressions) programme. This annual art exhibition provides a platform for these talented young people to express and communicate their thoughts freely to the public through their artworks.

With this year’s theme of “We didn’t expect that!”, the young artists tried to capture moments that were unexpected or unforeseen to them. Whether it was a welcome surprise or not, the unpredictability of life is expressed through art the way they know best.

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Dialogue Art Exhibition 2017

Dialogue Art Exhibition 2017

Featured on Lian He Zao Bao and A-List, Dialogue is a curated art exhibition organised by Very Special Arts Singapore to eliminate the misconception that artists with disabilities are not able to produce “fine” art.

More than 20 pieces of artworks by Gregory Burns (Polio) and Chng Seok Tin (visually impaired) in the space of Visual Arts Centre to share their concerns about the society as well as their struggles of being a disabled artist in Singapore.

Since “dialogue” is an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, it allows the audience to have a silent conversation with the exhibited pieces to resolve an issue, which is the discrimination towards artists with disabilities.


DPA VSA Flag Day

On Saturdy, 25 March 2017, the Disabled People’s Association (DPA), in conjunction with Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore, held it’s annual Joint Flag Day. This Flag Day promised to be one with a difference, and both organizations delivered on that note.

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So it was just as well that one of its unofficial artists in residence was 23-year-old pianist Azariah Tan, who has achieved much despite his degenerative hearing condition.
Partnering him for the evening was the husband-and-wife pair of violist Tan Wee-Hsin and violinist Lillian Wang from the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.
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Very Special Art - Kids with disabilities show their talent at Annual Art Competition

The 14th Art Competition and Exhibition for Children and Youth with Special Needs 2016 was featured in The New Paper on 26 September.
It featured interviews with some of winners and their parents/caregivers who also shared their ups and downs caring for their special needs children yet the intrinsic benefits that art has brought to their lives.

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