VSA Singapore’s APEX (Arts for Performance and Expression), formerly known as Arts in Dance, Drama and Music for Everyone, is a performing arts-based programme that provides avenues for learning in areas such as speech and drama, creative dance, music and percussion. Our APEX programme includes weekly classes, unique holiday workshops, fun excursions and public performances by our beneficiaries.

Though the performing arts scene in Singapore is burgeoning, with many avenues for learning and performances at professional performing arts venues, these are available mainly to the able-bodied only. The special needs community do not have as many opportunities to develop and showcase their talents, and this is the gap that VSA Singapore seek to address. By initiating programmes exclusively for the special needs community and providing them a platform for major public performances, VSA Singapore hopes to raise awareness of their talent and capabilities in performing, and help them contribute to Singapore’s growing arts scene.

APEX offers a variety of courses and workshops in dance, music and drama, as well as excursions and performances. It is a versatile platform for special needs members not only to showcase their talents in performing arts, but also as an excellent avenue for social integration, rehabilitation and enhancing overall well-being. It comprises:

  1. Weekly classes in dance, music and drama, which run over a school term, four terms a year;

  2. Workshops that run during the school holidays to introduce and expose participants to different performing art forms;

  3. Excursions to catch public plays and concerts;

  4. Public performances by our beneficiaries.

For information on APEX programmes or engagement of our performing artistes, please contact 

Ms Nur Fatehah at 6604 9431 or email: general@vsa.org.sg