Our art classes are created according to the level of communication and independence of the students as well as his/her ability to draw:

Art classes for 4 to 6 students per teacher assisted by a few volunteers. During this one-hour long class, the teacher will use a mixture of craft, drawing and painting techniques to give the students creative abilities. From our experience, this program also improves the motor skills and concentration of the students.

Art classes for 8 to 16 students per teacher, with or without the support of volunteers. During this 1.5 hours to 3 hours lesson, the teacher will cover a wide range of art techniques, depending on the level of the students. It includes basics of drawing, colour and composition and discovery of the different medium. The course is designed to adapt the learning to the needs of our students so that each one of them can learn at their own pace.


Creative writing and Poetry
VSA is the first organisation to provide creative writing and poetry classes to persons with special needs in Singapore. Using story telling techniques and creative writing exercises, the student will learn all the different elements of a story and how to build his/her very own one.
All students, even with basic reading and writing abilities, are welcomed.


VSA Creative Dance Course
This class covers a variety of dance genres per term/semester; past genres include K-pop, Bollywood, Broadway and Contemporary. Students are taught coordination and rhythmic movement, as well as body awareness and expression through the art of dance.

VSA Speech and Drama Course
Students are taught how to express themselves through verbal and physical communication with lessons on vocalisation, improvisation, mime and role-playing. The workshop is a great opportunity for your child to free their imagination and to integrate with their peers in a fun and relaxed environment.

VSA Percussion Course
This class introduces the basics of percussion and drumming. Using the cajon (box drum), students are taught the fundamentals of individual and group drumming, and will learn not just physical coordination but how to work with the rest of the class in creating a symphony of rhythm and beats.

VSA Violin Course
This class aims to capture the students’ interest in playing the violin and help them with techniques of bowing and finger distribution; develop coordination skills and an inner sense of rhythm and tempo;, and enable students to experience the joy of musical expression through playing solo pieces on the violin.

VSA Piano Course
This basic course aims to capture the students’ interest in playing the piano while giving them an opportunity to express themselves through the language of music.

Students are guided in the learning of basic playing techniques and coordination skills, and the development of a keen sense of rhythm and tempo.

VSA Ukulele Course
In this class, students learn all about this small member of the guitar family and how to play it, starting with simple chords, finger-placement and strumming.