Azmi Mahmad: Village

SKU: ABM/009


Description: Immersed in a life of urbanization, we may have forgotten the humble beginnings. There is a beautiful village in every country.

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 52.5 x 40cm


Artist BiographyAt the tender age of 22, Azmi Bin Mahmad fell into a bout of depression and took to drugs to end his misery. After an overdose, he sustained brain damage and his condition has yet to improve. However this does not stop Azmi from pursuing his ideals in life. He may not be able to articulate his thoughts but he works at it by going for voice classes which help to develop his speech ability. Art is also a form of respite for him from the monotony of his daily routine. Through art, he has a channel to express his inner thoughts and feelings. Moreover, he has loved art since he was a child and so his classes at VSA have given him an opportunity to further develop his talent in art. It also helps to keep his mind active. He especially likes to paint land-scapes and scenery in watercolour. Besides art, Azmi also loves to read. One of his favourite authors is Dan Brown. He even reads the newspapers daily to keep informed of current and world affairs. Today, with the aid of technology, Azmi can communicate better and his family is hopeful that his condition will improve.