Welcome to my World 2018 Concert Tickets


2 September 2018, 4 pm ( 90 minutes)

This is a sensory friendly show:

*Wheelchair accessible
*Sign interpretation will be provided during the performance
*Braille programme booklet will be available (for blind & vision-impaired patrons)


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 Welcome to My World – a Concert by People with Disabilities is organised annually by VSA Singapore. This national concert by people with disabilities strives to promote the belief that art is for all, including people with disabilities. It is, therefore, a celebration of inclusiveness that we want to build in our society. Aimed to not only showcase the talent of our disabled community in performing arts, this concert will also inspire and increase the awareness of the immense talent and resilience of people with disabilities. Each year, we work with artistes with disabilities, SPED schools and VWOs to identify and put up a concert.                                                    
This year, to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we strive to bring WTMW to a higher level by creating a musical involving artistes with disabilities from VSA’s inclusive theatre company, Very Special Theatrics, as well as some performers from the recent True Colours Indoor Concert.  The storyline will describe the dreams, struggles and courage of one of our beneficiaries, who aspires to become a Jazz performer. The involvement of other professional performers from groups such as Jazz Association (Singapore) and others. In addition, we will be having a curated external fringe activities outside the auditorium comprising of experiential workshops and classes with our training artists/artistes and our partners in the disability sector eg. Dialogue in the Dark.  Our aim is to bring in the community to learn and understand what it is like to have a disability and to be inspired by the talents that the artists / artistes with disabilities possess.
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For enquiries, please contact Ruo Xi at ruoxi@vsa.org.sg or call 66049431